How Security Guards Reassure Employees

Security Guards When most of us are young children, our mom or dad stood by us as we worked up the courage to ride our bikes on our own. A parent jogged alongside us, ready to catch us in case we fell. We were so thankful that mom or dad was there for us, watching our every move, ready to step in to help if needed. Don’t we all want to feel protected and secure? Like a father or mother watches out for his or her kids, so do security guards who are stationed in a place to make it feel safer.

How, specifically, do security guards make employees feel safer? By their very presence, they cast a watchful eye over proceedings. They’re vigilant about who’s who in a place– and when someone doesn’t belong, they’re the ones who’ll step in and deal with the potential vandal, thief or combative person.

Guards are also good at giving people directions on where to go in buildings where there are visitors who may not be familiar with the layout. They’re a calming presence and they help a business, organization or event “run smoothly.”

Security guards are often in charge of checking people’s bags to make sure they’re not carrying any weapons or harmful substances. They can also monitor the comings-and-goings of a place, ensuring that people who “belong” somewhere are there (and accounted for with, for example, badges) and people who “don’t belong” there stay out!

Security guards exude a sense of strength and order, often in chaotic places. They’re the ones people can turn to when something’s “not right.” They’re the ones who can take action, if needed, to maintain a safe and secure environment.

In a world that seems increasingly violent, more and more people– employees, for example– will seek out security guards to know that someone’s watching over them and their workplace. Sometimes it’s something simple like a guard walking a petite woman to her car in the parking garage late at night– moments like those help people feel safe.

Just like you could turn to your mom or dad for help riding a bike, so, too, can people turn to security guards if ever they’re in times of trouble.

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It really is so true that having a security guard present is a great reassurance for those working at a business. Knowing someone is there that is responsible for handling any situation where something can go wrong is definitely going to relieve stress for employees. Thank you for outlining this information!


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