Reasons to Have a Security Guard At Your School

Security Guards at Schools Society is crazy today. You can’t turn on your TV set without hearing of a school shooting. It’s an almost daily occurrence in America. And it’s not just in big cities, anymore. Now there’s violence happening in the smallest of small towns. No one is immune to school violence anymore.

That said, now, more than ever, it makes sense to have a security guard (or a number of guards) at your school.

First of all, running a school is no easy task. It’s big. There are countless rooms. There are many people coming and going at all hours. It’s hard to keep track of everybody, everywhere. So, having security guards on hand provides the school administration with extra sets of eyes to watch over the place. Furthermore, guards can regularly patrol the halls on foot, and, when needed, patrol the grounds on scooters, golf carts or in vehicles.

Having security guards at school helps deter crime, reduce break-ins, prevent vandalism, and protect people’s vehicles from harm. Furthermore, guards protect a place from unwanted intruders. You cannot be too careful these days about whom you let into a school. From sexual predators to mentally unstable individuals with guns, America has come to the point where guards are almost mandatory in public buildings!

Schools should be set up so that only certain doors are open during the day and night for access to the school, and these doors should be guarded. That way, access to the school is limited to people who should be there rather than letting any person the option to just wander inside and cause chaos. Not only can security guards monitor entrance/exit points, but they can also watch busy corridors. They can help to deter fights as well as be on the lookout for bullying.

Finally, should the school require an emergency evacuation for whatever reason, it’s good to have security guards there to help facilitate people leaving the building in a timely and efficient manner. In times of uncertainty or perceived trouble, students and staff alike will look to security guards for instructions, protection and help as needed.

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Thank you for sharing this! It is so important to have security at a school. Security guards that protect schools are some of the most important guards in the entire industry. Thank you for sharing all of this information.


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