Things to Look for When Hiring a Private Investigation Agency

If you haven’t hired a private investigation agency to work on your behalf, what are some things to look for when deciding whether or not to hire a particular agency or investigator? 

Private Investigation AgencyThere are licensed private investigators and there are those who don’t have a license… you should choose licensed ones. State licensing agencies can verify investigative licenses, and that way you know there’s some accountability and oversight involved in their work. You can actually ask to see the physical copy of their license if you want– and check the name and expiration date, too. If an investigator claims they have memberships in certain associations, you can call the association and verify whether or not they’re truly a member in good standing. It never hurts to check out an investigator’s credentials and reputation. 

What about insurance? You should check to make sure the investigator you plan to work with is bonded and/or has liability insurance. What if the investigator becomes injured on the job? Or he or she damages person’s property? You don’t want to be liable for damages. 

It’s a good idea to ask for a resume and references. The more information you know about the investigator and/or agency you plan to hire, the better. How have they performed in the past? Are they easy to work with? Do they achieve results for their clients? Do they hold to ethical standards (or not)? What’s their overall reputation? These are good questions to ask. On a resume, look for military experience and/or prior experience in law enforcement. Does their past education involve things like criminal justice or forensic science? Do they have any special training?

Finally, when hiring a private investigation agency or investigator, you should discuss pricing and fees upfront. Do they have a retainer, hourly fees, flat fees, and/or require expense reimbursement? It’s important to agree upon results that are expected… and it’s a good idea to have a signed contract in place before any work starts. 

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