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Why Special Events Are Often a Security Risk

Why are special events a security risk? Typically, special events involve individuals who may be famous or controversial. Take, for instance, political rallies where there are polarizing persons running for office… some people might love them and others might dislike them. A controversial person with “detractors” can attract those who purposely want to cause trouble… Read more »

As Construction Theft Continues to Rise, Are You Sure Your Jobsite is Secure?

It’s getting warmer. When the weather changes from snowy and cold to sunny and warm, you know what that means? It’s the arrival of Spring and construction season truly begins. Sure, some work on buildings is done during the winter months, but come April, May and June, that’s primetime for construction workers to be outside… Read more »

Why College Campuses Should Have a Security Presence

A study in the Chronicle of Higher Education indicated something you probably never think about and probably didn’t even consider… nearly a million college students may now be carrying weapons. It’s a different world than decades ago, isn’t it? In the old days, shootings on campus were almost unheard of, while today, you wouldn’t be… Read more »

Why Commercial Buildings Should Outsource Their Security

Chicago’s LawDog Security is often called upon to come into buildings and work with businesses in those buildings for security purposes. Indeed, many buildings and businesses “outsource” their security needs, which means they don’t have “in-house” security on their own payroll as part of everyday expenses. Rather, they “outsource” with a company like LawDog to… Read more »

Why Film Sets Should Have a Strong Security Presence

Plenty of TV shows and films are produced both in studios and on the streets of The Windy City. In recent years, TV shows like Chicago Fire, Empire, and Shameless have filmed here, while films like Bad Santa 2, Death Wish, and Rampage have filmed here as well. If and when you’re filming a production,… Read more »

The Benefits of Fire Watch Security Services

What are some of the benefits of fire watch security services? “Fire watch” is a term that means security officers are specifically looking out for fires. That means they’re on patrol at regular intervals around a place or property, covering that area with their watchful eyes. What do they look for? They’re looking for conditions… Read more »

How Security Officers Improve Corporate Events

Sometimes people think security officers are just for entertainers or politicians, but the truth is they are needed and utilized for all sorts of people, including those planning and attending business events. Businesses involve people, products/services, and money. Whenever money is involved, one must be wary of who’s coming around. It could be a disgruntled… Read more »

How Do You Know If You Need a Bodyguard?

If you hear the term “bodyguard” you’re apt to remember the movie, The Bodyguard, from 1992. Not only was that movie known for Whitney Houston’s huge hit songs, but it also brought the term ‘’bodyguard’’ into the mainstream. In the movie, Kevin Costner starred as a former Secret Service agent-turned-bodyguard hired to protect Whitney Houston’s… Read more »

Why Construction Sites Should Have a Security Presence

LawDog Security can supply your Chicago-area construction site with a trained and qualified security presence. Why should construction sites have security personnel and/or monitoring? They often contain materials and equipment worth thousands–perhaps millions–of dollars. Items as expensive as that shouldn’t be left unattended. Security can be the eyes and ears needed when construction workers have… Read more »

How Undercover Operatives Can Help Your Company

If you ever watched TV in the 1980s, you probably saw a show or two that featured a “narc.” This was typically a person who looked young enough to pass as a high school student. He was typically sent into the school to look, act and speak like a fellow student, hanging out with the… Read more »