Why Commercial Buildings Should Outsource Their Security

Building SecurityChicago’s LawDog Security is often called upon to come into buildings and work with businesses in those buildings for security purposes. Indeed, many buildings and businesses “outsource” their security needs, which means they don’t have “in-house” security on their own payroll as part of everyday expenses. Rather, they “outsource” with a company like LawDog to take care of specific needs to make their work environment safe and comfortable.

Some of the business security services LawDog can provide include closed circuit camera systems/covert video systems, bug sweeps, keylogger checks, controlled access, computer protection, executive protection and more. As for building security, LawDog can conduct a risk assessment, figuring out what you’ve got and what you need. Is the building reasonably protected against threats and thefts? Is there a decent security program in place already or does one need to be implemented? Best yet– is the money you’re spending on security being maximized?

Security is a big deal, and oftentimes it’s a bigger deal than most building owners/business owners can handle on their own. They want/need security experts to come in and do their job, rather than having to try and worry about security issues on their own– with their own limited knowledge and expertise.

Why “outsource” security services for your business/building? When you do, you get expert services at less cost. Rather than hiring your own staff, which can be very expensive, outsourcing turns out to be an affordable solution for your needs. That’s because the security service provider deals with the hiring, administration, and insurance of employees so you don’t have to! Working with a company like LawDog, who is in the business of security, means you’re working with a company who properly vets and trains its employees. When you chose to use a company like LawDog, you’re paying for stable, reliable, well-trained people to help you manage risks and keep your assets safe from harm.

It’s good to have flexible security solutions. As your business or building grows, isn’t it nice to know you can count on your outsourced security services to grow with it?

If you’re looking to outsource your security needs, call LawDog of Chicago at 773-233-5742.

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