Here’s Why Apartment Complexes Should Have a Security Presence

modern urban apartment buildingsApartment buildings can house a lot of people, including youngsters, teens, adults and seniors. Some apartment buildings are located in areas where it’s not safe to walk outside at night alone. Others have recurring problems that need attention when it comes to certain neighbors not getting along well. Whenever you have a bunch of people living together in close proximity, and connected to the “outside world,” too, issues will arise. Therefore, it makes sense for apartment buildings to hire security officers who can help keep the peace, report on any crime they see, and/or assist residents in certain matters involving loitering, trespassing, vandalism or theft. 

By hiring security officers, apartment buildings send a signal to would-be thieves or criminals that someone’s watching the premises. Thieves like to go where they’re not watched or noticed. Having officers walk the halls or grounds of apartment buildings is a visible deterrent to crime. Plus, if and when security encounters people who seem like they’re there to cause trouble, they can talk with them, ask them to leave, and/or call police to come deal with them. It’s a lot easier for a security officer to confront a weirdo than asking a scared elderly woman, for example, to have the confidence and courage to confront them.

Security officers can patrol the property and parking lots. They can walk residents to their cars or to their apartments when needed. Security officers can also manage access to an apartment building and log guests in and out of the building so there’s a record of who was there. If and when an emergency situation happens, security officers are trained to handle such situations. They may have to communicate with emergency personnel and/or law enforcement officers and help manage stressful situations as needed. 

Residents want a safe place to live. If you own or manage an apartment building in or around Chicago, call LawDog Security at 773-233-5742 to ask about hiring apartment building security officers. 

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