Security Officers: A Commercial Property Manger’s Best Friend

Security guard protecting outdoor propertyBeing a commercial property manager is not an easy job. It involves all sorts of problems, issues and “fires to put out,” and it’s oftentimes the kind of job where you’re on duty 24-7! Property managers shouldn’t have to shoulder all the responsibility for a commercial property. It can be so helpful to enlist security officers who can deal with certain things in order to take some of the stress off the property manager.

Why contract outside security officers to deal with commercial properties? Well, just like property managers might outsource building maintenance to a company who knows how to do janitorial jobs properly, it makes sense to hire security officers who know how to properly patrol grounds and deal with problem people and/or thieves.

When a property manager hires security officers, they gain the outside experience (and perspective) of people whose core competency is safety and protection of people and places and things. Meanwhile, working with a security company, such as LawDog Security of Chicago, can help ease the administration duties of a property manager… he or she doesn’t have to handle details like scheduling, uniforms/equipment, human resources issues, etc.

Security officers are thankfully impartial. They have less loyalty to a staff like in-house employees do– and this can be a good thing. Rather than have security officers get caught up in company politics, they deal with their own boss more than the property manager, and they can be moved elsewhere, easily, if things don’t “work out.”

Finally, security officers can help property managers because they have the type of training and expertise to develop, implement and refine a commercial property’s security policies and procedures.

In the Chicago area, if you’re a commercial property manager and want to hire security officers to help take some stress away from your job, please call LawDog Security today at 773-233-5742.

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