How Undercover Operatives Can Help Your Company

Undercover Operatives If you ever watched TV in the 1980s, you probably saw a show or two that featured a “narc.” This was typically a person who looked young enough to pass as a high school student. He was typically sent into the school to look, act and speak like a fellow student, hanging out with the kids and getting to know who was dealing drugs, illegally, or who was otherwise up to no good.

Today, people employ professional “undercover operatives,” which can be a useful strategy to “get to the bottom of things” in a corporate setting.

If someone in your workplace suspects something’s “not right,” and/or certain employees aren’t doing the “right thing,” an undercover operative is someone who can be hired to make their way into the workplace in a way where they blend in and can easily gather key information to catch thieves, fraud, shoplifters, etc.

All sorts of bad things can happen in corporations, including espionage, kickback schemes, and substance abuse. Meanwhile, even something as simple as workers slacking– not being productive– can take its toll on a business. If and when things aren’t great at a workplace, it can be hard for workers who work there to “tell on” their “friends,” and/or to act as investigators. It’s not the job of fellow co-workers to be citizen cops.

Therefore, undercover operatives can be ideal to figure out what’s truly going on at a corporate workplace. One operative or a team can infiltrate a place and gain the trust of others. Then they’re given information that otherwise might not be discovered.

While it’s certainly helpful to have security cameras on hand to track workers’ whereabouts and what they’re doing during the day, having an undercover operative takes surveillance a step further. Operatives can see and understand nuances; they can provide clients with intelligence that’ll help address a problem at the business. And they can deliver timely reports keeping the powers-that-be informed of what’s really going on at that troubled workplace.

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