Why Construction Sites Should Have a Security Presence

Security Guards at Construction Sites LawDog Security can supply your Chicago-area construction site with a trained and qualified security presence. Why should construction sites have security personnel and/or monitoring? They often contain materials and equipment worth thousands–perhaps millions–of dollars. Items as expensive as that shouldn’t be left unattended.

Security can be the eyes and ears needed when construction workers have gone home for the day/night, on the lookout for potential thieves and vandals who would just love to steal these items from the site. Furthermore, security personnel can be (and often are) the first to notice if a fire breaks out… and then they alert authorities “before it’s too late.” Security might also be on-duty to observe and report on natural disasters occurring at/near the site, as well as damages from wind, water, etc.

Construction sites involve a lot of people, don’t they? Contractors, the property owner, workers, and even people who live near the site and/or walk/drive by are all somehow connected via a construction project. And just like banks, malls, and even churches nowadays have security personnel monitoring, it’s important for construction sites to have security as well, in case something goes wrong. A lot of money, time and energy is tied up in improving a place, such that a construction site– whether small or large– warrants excellent protection of its assets and people.

If you have a construction site in the Chicago area, do you have security plans drawn up in case there’s an emergency? Are people on-site trained to know how to respond to potential problems? Is there a decent perimeter barrier system set up to keep people out who don’t belong there? Is this perimeter patrolled by a security officer and/or a dog? How’s the site’s lighting at night? Too dark? What about signage? Are all the appropriate safety signs in place or not? So much goes into securing a site. Security personnel are a vital piece of the safety puzzle.

LawDog Security has personnel who can check every access point, every fire extinguisher, every machine, etc. Consider a guard a trained watcher who has his or her eyes on your valuables and will alert you if anything’s not right– ultimately, that is good for your peace of mind.

Ask about LawDog’s construction site security services; call 773-233-5742 today.

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