Staff Up Security for Moving Season

Spring is almost upon us, and that means the housing market is about to heat up.

According to US News and World Report, there are plenty of reasons why the real estate market hits an upswing in the spring. Pretty blue skies and spring flowers make for great promotional photos, and many buyers and renters want to be settled in their new home or corporate complex well before the busy fall season and messy winter weather sets in. Spring and early summer is also the time when college students are graduating and moving off campus or trading in their old lease for an apartment or condo closer to campus.

The bottom line is this – if you own a high-rise building in a hot real estate market, you’re likely to see a high rate of turnover in the spring. You may have lots of prospective tenants coming and going, along with real estate agents and brokers. You may even a few vacant properties or units for a few weeks. All of these extra people coming in and out of your building can admittedly cause some security concerns. That’s why it’s important during high traffic real estate months to make sure that your building, and the property of your tenants, is well protected.

At LawDog Security, we offer a number of high-rise building security services to make sure that your property and your tenants are completely safe. Our security consultations are completed by experienced professionals that will go over all of your security concerns with you to recommend the best way to protect your building.

We can help you vet and hire security guards, whether you prefer them to be armed or unarmed, for any neighborhood and any type of building. We can also set you up with off-duty police officers, so that your building is as protected as it can be.

For more information on how LawDog Security can help protect your Chicago-area residential property during the busy moving season ahead, get in touch with us today by calling 773-233-5742.


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