Four Uses for GPS in Investigations

GPS systems help people get where they need to go, but they are also a valuable way to track people without having a physical person follow them. At LawDog Security, we use GPS to help our clients in a number of ways, helping them track an individual’s movements or location without being invasive. Here are the top four ways we use GPS as part of our investigatory services.

GPS TrackingWatching Children

When your kids take the car out, are they really going where they say? It’s easy for them to say they are going to see a movie, but spend the next few hours somewhere else. To help protect children, LawDog Security can install a GPS monitor on your car and then see where the vehicle goes. Parents can use that information to see if their child may be putting themselves in any kind of danger or getting themselves into trouble.

Tracking Workers

Workers on the job may say they are going somewhere work-related, but then spend their time somewhere else. We can install GPS systems in your work vehicles and use them to track where employees take company vehicles and if they are using them in a proper and safe manner.

Cheating Partner

Dealing with a suspected cheater is always difficult, which makes it important to have clear, definitive information to confirm suspicions. If a person believes their spouse is cheating, LawDog Security can use a GPS monitor on their vehicle to see where they go. This can help us determine if they are meeting with someone or lying about their whereabouts.

Tracking a Babysitter

Babysitters and nannies take care of your most precious asset: your children. Are they going to the park or is that a lie? For parents who want to know where their kids are at all times, LawDog Security can put a GPS system on any cars used to transport children, providing an accurate record of everywhere they go while with the babysitter. This can give you peace of mind and assuage any fears you may have that the babysitting isn’t doing what they say they are.

The use of GPS has provided many benefits beyond just in-vehicle navigation. With GPS tracking, it’s easier than ever to get the facts and the truth in a wide range of scenarios. To learn more about how LawDog Security and our GPS capabilities can help you, give us a call today at 773-233-5742.

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